About Me and Gonatural way.com

Me and Gonaturalway.com
Me and Gonaturalway.com

Hi there, I’m Dang of Go Natural way. Thank you for visiting my site. This site is dedicated to all people who are confused about choosing natural or conventional medicine. I am a breast cancer survivor and this is my way to share my personal experience, observation, experimentation, and research to be able to survive on this journey. There are plenty of things I did that I failed in my times of medication because I used to mix up the conventional and natural process that leads me to worsen my situation. Some are research and hearsay with no valid evidence that lead me to costly and unnecessary laboratory test and medicine. I want to show my mistakes and eventually the right solution from what I encountered. I want the reader to learn from my experience and not to repeat what I did to be able to save your time and money. It may help you to decide on choosing your proper medication between the two and weigh their advantages. But one thing is for sure, that this site will tell everything you need to know about conventional and natural medicine. Not a biased one, because I used it both and made my life comfortable.

Meet Us. We as a Team

Hello everyone! I’m Dang. I’m the author of this site.

I’m a mother of three and happily married to the most handsome guy in the world ( just for my eyes!)

I’m a breast cancer survivor, hmmm… Actually, not yet a survivor because as of this writing July 14, 2020, I still undergo medication.

Chemotherapy, operation, and radiation therapy were done.  But need to add more injection for eighteen (18) times. As of this month, I already got 4 injections, so 14 more to go. But, that won’t stop me to share my experiences about my cancer journey. From the start of finding the lumps, acceptance then medication and recovering, I wrote and will write for the sake of fellow cancer patients.

Positivity and faith is my tool to start again. Since I’m a mother and a wife, I want to become more productive. Though physically limited on what to do, I still thrive to make myself productive in a financial way. And that brings me out some ideas on blogging and then selling online.

Our site was created at the height of the coronavirus. Since we are locked down, the internet is our main source of income, knowledge, and entertainment. E-Commerce started to bloom and pointed me to take the chances. I started selling things or food that a cancer patient needed through the internet. And that’s not all, I started to sell my best specialty food in my community as well in the company who are operating during a lockdown. From this step, I started to create a sustainable income that helped my family during a pandemic.

Since my kids are staying at home, I assigned them to help me on my website.

Meet them as I will show to you their talent.

This is Earl, my firstborn.

My graphic designer, video editor, ads creator, and assigned to the maintenance of our site. From his primary school, he is passionate about editing videos, graphic design, and creating logos. He was once won as a graphic designer in his school and got an award in video editing sponsored by the local government.

I admire his skills (of course, I’m his Mom!!) which is why I asked him to join me on this site. This will be the place to hone his ability and soon may start his stream of income through working online.

Meet my only Daughter Ella.

She is my beauty successor ( choos haha). She is assigned to our social media account. It’s her first time doing social media management but I found her eagerness to learn new things. I saw her perseverance to fulfill her responsibility.  When feeling of procrastination strikes, I will just look at her, and then, I become energized. She mastered Canva and some apps that used in social media management. As of now, she’s just starting, but someday It will be her tools to make for a living.

 Meet our clown, Ed.

My youngest. When times that all are falling apart, like sluggish feeling, procrastination, and unhappy moment, he is our savior. He always does prank and corny jokes that we should accept. He makes our mood cooler when flashing of hot mood is on.

Sometimes I ask him to search for a topic that I needed but most of the time he is reporting me a gossip ( haha). I mean, unreliable information on the internet. Well, he is just 10 years old.

And lastly, my husband Eric.

He is not directly our teammates, but he is the head of the family, so he has a final say. He is an apps developer. He learned by himself through YouTube. He is an example of a person that if you are eager, you will thrive whatever it takes. As of now, he has a passive income through his simple apps.

Go Natural Way is looking forward to providing precise and reliable information about health, gardening, and cooking. Or maybe someday about financial freedom. We are here to share with you our specialized talents, technique, our ups, and down. Go Natural Way is our family. Your family.

 Hope to see you around!!