The Most Effective Breast Cancer Bras after Mastectomy

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our link, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going.

Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our links, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going.

After mastectomy, the life of a breast cancer patient cannot be the same as before.  Insecurities can control a patient’s life. Anxieties are inevitable, that even you are doubting yourself of doing things that you can do before. It may lead to a mental problem that most cancer patient is not aware of. And on a simple decision of wearing a bra is too stressful to decide. In this blog, I want to share with you, what’s my biggest problem after mastectomy. And the most effective breast cancer bras in the market. But before that, I want you to be aware of mastectomy and breast cancer patients’ burden of having a mastectomy.

What is mastectomy?

Mastectomy is the process where the infected breast will be removed through surgery. It is the safest way to assure that the cancer cells around your breast was controlled. Mastectomy should be done through the understanding of a patient and the doctor. It is necessary that the patient should be aware of the outcome of mastectomy, otherwise it can cause a great impact on the patient. ( To know more about my experience after mastectomy click here

Side effect of mastectomy

There are some side effects after mastectomy. You may feel pain and tenderness on the surgery site and even swelling. Some patients experienced hematoma or building up of blood in the wound. It is described as a bad bruise but should not take seriously because it cost no harm to the patient. Swelling at the surgery site may occur, numbness in your chest and upper arm, limited shoulder and arm movement. This side effect is not permanent aside from the numbness of the affected area. In my experience, the most painful side effect of mastectomy is the way how you will wear your bras and searching for the most effective breast cancer bras in the market.

How wearing of bra is painful?

You heard it right, wearing your bra after mastectomy is a no-no for a specific time. After a month of my surgery, I tried to go back again to my normal life. Going outside and hang- up with friends. So, I need to present myself as a normal person, feeling as nothing has happened. I wore a bra on every occasion, but that makes the skin is irritated around the surgery causing some itchiness and discomfort. So, I found out that one of the most problems a breast cancer patient may face is wearing their bras.

Silicon Fake Breast for breast cancer bras

breast cancer bras
sample of silicon fake breast

It didn’t come to my mind that I will be using silicon fake breast in my life. Until I realized, how important it is to have a balance breast to present myself. The silicon fake bra gives me comfort and self-esteem to feel that I’m beautiful again as before. Some of my colleagues in the cancer center ( breast cancer) are using folded cloth that can be padded into the bra. This pad can be used to make the breast look the same again after a mastectomy. They are not aware that silicon fake breasts do exist. Or maybe they don’t like the feelings of silicon fake breast around their breast, especially when summer, where sweating is unbearable.

There are some tips on using this fake breast. You need to create a pocket inside your regular bra to put on the fake breast. Don’t just put it inside your bra, as it may fall whenever you move or feel hot when you sweat. Try to make a small pocket that can hold the fake breast and you will appreciate it. Use a cotton textile and sew around the bra. This way, the silicon fake breast can fit perfectly just like your real breast.

The silicon fake breast has a stopper at the back to prevent it from falling and keeeping the fake breast to stick to it’s place.

But my burden is the irritation of the skin due to the thick seam of the bra that causes itchiness and discomfort around the surgery. So, I look for another alternative breast cancer bras and I found out the latest and trending bra that suits breast cancer survivors is the seamless latex bra

Seamless Latex Bra or breast cancer bras

Seamless latex bra or breast cancer bras
Seamless latex bra or breast cancer bras

Seamless latex Bra is one of the most underrated bras as of today. I bought this online and I was shocked by its cheap price. And I can say that it serves its purpose. It’s just a piece of 2 soft cloth glued to each other by pressing with a hot iron. It has a light breast pad to protect your nipple. Easy to wear and wash. Unlike normal bras, you don’t have to add a pocket to insert the silicon fake breast because it has a built-in pocket that can hold it. You can move freely as It fits perfectly and feels like your wearing nothing. No itchiness and irritation around the stitches of surgery. As for me, a seamless latex bra is the most convenient breast cancer bra that I can wear.   

breast cancer bras
It is not seamed but glued and press
seamless latex bras
small opening for taking out the foam. Easy to wash and dries quickly
Sample of foam inside the latex bra. It is very light and comfy while wearing.

Seamless latex bra is available in three sizes. Medium, Large, and Extra Large. I bought a large size for myself, but it seems that it is way bigger for my size. So next time, medium size will be my target and I will update this post for my review.

What’s my take?

Mastectomy for a breast cancer patient is a must to survive this disease. But it should not be a burden to a patient. Though mastectomy may cost you insecurity, there are ways to feel good again by wearing an appropriate bra, where you are comfortable. This way, you may overcome those feelings of incompleteness. But who will not go with mastectomy if this will save you from breast cancer and death? Better to live with one breast than face death with complete breast. After all, there are too many ways to feel that you’re still complete.

Till my next post. See you all!

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