Buying a Treadmill? Here’s what you should know

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A year and two (2) months ago that the pandemic ( covid-19) affected the whole world. It caused a call to everyone to stay at home.  My outside activities were halted and one of them was my daily routine in walking. Yes, walking is the only exercise that I regularly do since then. 

Guilty for not rendering walk every day, I decided to buy a treadmill.

In this article, I want to share the qualification a treadmill must have and if this matches my need.         

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A Guide to Consider in buying a treadmill?

1.The track size

It is always necessary to consider the size of the tracks. If you choose the narrow treadmill, it may result in injury because your feet may get entangled. The track size is generally 50 inches long and 18 inches wide.

2. Space and storage matter for your treadmill

Before buying a treadmill, don’t get too excited. You have to consider the space for it. Treadmills are generally big and bulky. If you have a small space it is better to get a compact but can still adhere to your needs. Measure first the dimension of the room where you intend to place the treadmill. You can consider those that can be folded and easy to store. Treadmills with wheels are easy to move and economical to use if you have small space.

3. Check The Motor Power to match your Need  

Motor energy is measured in horsepower (HP) and the stronger the horsepower the more expensive it is.

A treadmill is categorized into three ratings: 

  • Peak duty – It is the highest horsepower that a motor can produce. Generally, the weakest. It stands for the peak horsepower that a treadmill can reach when working at the highest possible rpm with minimal load.
  • Treadmill duty – The motor power of treadmill duty is in-between peak and continuous duty
  • Continuous duty – This is the power of the treadmill that can maintain throughout your workout. It is the highest rank among the three.

If you consider buying a treadmill for walking 2.0 HP is the least that I recommend. And if you want to use a treadmill for a higher level 3.0 HP is the best for you. It may help you improve your endurance. Keep in mind that you have to add .5 HP for every 200 pounds to continuous duty rating.

4. Choose one that Suits your Purpose in Terms of Speed

The perfect speed of the treadmill would depend on your need. If you desire to do light running or walking, a less than 6kph per hour max speed can suffice. And at least 16kph max speed if you would go for heavy running.

If your workout involves heavy and lights running, the treadmills with a different speed program are the best choice. Some athletes and sports enthusiasts preferred a higher maximum speed to increase their speed and endurance.

First things first before using your treadmill

Now that you know the guide on buying a treadmill it’s time to discuss the safety precaution and tips on using your treadmills.

1.Lay a Mat or Carpet to Protect your Floor and to Minimize a Noise

Running on a treadmill can give force and impact on the floor produced some scratches and dents. Mat or carpet may lessen the floor damage as well as the vibration when someone is running. Vibration can be a little noisy when you are living in a condo or an apartment. Make sure to purchase a mat or a carpet that at least the same dimension as the treadmill.

2.Wear Sneakers to Prevent Injuries

Rubber shoes or sneakers have a significant impact in keeping you motivated for running. Your feet may get hurt if you run barefoot. The running belt of the treadmill is built roughly to prevent slipping. It spins very quickly during the run, and running barefoot may hurt your feet and feel uncomfortable. Wearing rubber shoes or sneakers also absorbs the impact on your feet, so better choose the ones that you are comfortable with.

3.Lubricating your Treadmill once a Month

To keep your treadmill in good shape as you are, always apply silicone spray oil under the track belt once a month. The spray serves as a lubricant preventing your treadmill from too much stress or pressure. Be careful about the amount of spray. Too much spray may cause the treadmill to become slippery.

4. Always Attach the Safety pin of the Treadmill.

It is necessary to always think of your safety in using a treadmill, especially when doing it for the first time. Keep the safety pin attached to you. If you slipped and out balanced, the safety pin may be detached from the machine and it will stop immediately.

5. Stop if you Feel Dizzy

Overexertion is the term when a person pushed themselves too hard during physical activities. It may cause dizziness, fainting, nausea, shortness of breath, thirst, vomiting, and lightheadedness. Sometimes, it is caused by using a continual motion machine like a treadmill. 

It is better to go easy and take a rest for a while and gradually increase the time in using the machine.

What’s my take?

Almost a year and two (2) months that we are on lockdown. It is really hard to stay in shape especially that our physical activities are limited. Your best thing to do is to be motivated and a daily workout may help. Investing in equipment like the treadmill is a great way to drive us into healthy, motivated, and challenged individuals.

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