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Diabetes Freedom Review: Reversing type 2 Diabetes is their Claim! Let’s Find out if it’s a lie.

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Even if you are overweight or not, you can be a victim of a chronic disease called Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease when your pancreas failed to produce enough insulin or your body does not able to use insulin effectively. Insulin is a kind of hormone that controlled blood sugar.

If blood sugar cannot be controlled and continuously goes high, it may cause hyperglycaemia that leads to serious damage to the body system like nerves and blood vessels. If you are diabetic, you are at risk of contracting different kinds of diseases like blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke, and amputation.

While the multi-billion Pharmaceutical industries and the government hide the crucial information about diabetes, some ways can be practiced in reversing the type 2 Diabetes. We should not believe that we can control diabetes by taking our maintenance medicine like an insulin shot.

From the word itself, Maintenance means maintaining. Maintaining your disease? So, why do you have to take that maintenance medicine if you can cure it from within?

In this article, we are going to review the so-called Diabetes Freedom by George Reilly and James Freeman that spreading throughout the internet and claiming that it is a very effective program. It says, that this program will correct the balance of your body leading to normalize your sugar, so let’s get into in-depth details

Know what about Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is a two months’ online program that teaches how to flush out the root cause of diabetes using natural food.

Scientists of the University of Utah found out that diabetic persons are high in a toxic compound called ceramide compound. The molecule of ceramide compound along with fats is building up around the pancreas that intercepts its function.

And, flushing out this compound is the main purpose of Diabetes Freedom.

Diabetes Freedom is a two months’ online program that teaches how to flush out the root cause of diabetes using natural food.

It is Divided into 3 phase that makes it easy to do.

You will not struggle to start because the program is natural. It does not just focus on reversing type 2 diabetes but also a scheme for weight loss.

It can be a way to stop your maintenance for diabetes and start a new life free from this disease like many others who joined the program.

These are the 3 Phase of Diabetes Freedom

  • 1st  step – 2 months Nutrition Plan- It reverse type 2 diabetes in less than 8 months and flush out the toxins and fats around the pancreas
  • 2nd step- 7 brown Fat boosting method to avoid metabolic syndrome to make sure that Type 2 diabetes stays gone forever.
  • 3rd step- Meal timing tricks to control your weight and blood sugar.

The Program includes different product to improve your life without diabetes

Once you decided to enroll in the program, you will be given access to the secret members’ area where you can watch the video tutorial and download books that were created by a certified nutritional expert Andrea Arona. She will be your trainer on your journey.

The program provides valuable information about natural food and its benefits. And how to incorporate them into your diet. They also provide recipes, meal timing strategies, meal plans, and exercise to help you to detox.

You will also receive abundant information and update every day in your email.

Diabetes Freedom Manual Includes:

Fruit shakes
  • Meal Preparation Guide- You will not think of what is the effective way to prepare your food to eat.
  • 33 Power foods for Diabetic- take note that it has scientific studies to sort out these foods
  • Stay Young Forever- Revealing the secrets of Japanese people for staying look young
  • Fat-Burning Blueprint- to stay in fit and for those who want to lose weight

Video Program that includes:

  • Nutritional Guide for Type 2 Diabetes- You don’t need to guess what is the right food for you.
  • Meal Timing strategies- Yes, you heard it right. Eating strategy is a helpful timing to absorb food well by the body
  • Food shopping guide
  • Body movements for beating Type 2 Diabetes

Aside from the main purpose of beating type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Freedom focuses on fat burning strategies as part of its holistic approach. This 9-page program contains a straight and exact plan to lose weight and improve blood circulation in your body. A 30 min. exercise per day with high-Intensity Interval training teaches how to get fast results

>>You can access their official page here.<<

How Diabetic freedom works?

Step 1- Cleaning and Renewing Pancreas 

This nutrition plan helps eliminate fats around the pancreas and ‘restart ‘it to function very well. After 2 weeks following this plan, your pancreas will start working in its normal condition. It will regulate blood sugar without any help or medication.

This nutrition plan is easy to follow and not even hinder you to enjoy your favorite food. The plan also provides a detailed procedure to flush out toxins and detox the liver by using five powerful teas that lessen your food appetite and melt fat cells.

Step 2- Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint

This is a 2-minute simple routine that will help you to burn your fat. It is a simple movement that you can do in your home without any tools or equipment. It can be practiced by anyone regardless of your fitness level.

Step 3- Meal Timing

This meal timing section teaches you to eat the right food at the right time. It includes 60 sec. breakfast tricks that help you avoid cravings and stay energized throughout the day.

There is also a dessert section that you can enjoy without a guilt feeling.

Things why I recommend Diabetes Freedom

Naturally controls blood sugar.

Measuring waist as a result of weight loss

Clinical studies showed that diabetic patients are able to turn back to their normal life after their practice on dietary changes and losing weight. Diabetes Freedom program can make these changes in your blood sugar and enjoy your life with loved ones.

An uncomplicated and simple plan of Nutrition that you can Follow

A good nutrition plan should not make you feel pitiful, restricted, and deprived. Following the plan should be happily done to be able to get impressive results.

I want to try it now. I want to visit the website

Weight loss program

It is important that the program of Diabetes Freedom includes weight loss. Some studies have shown that losing just 5 to 10 percent of body weight can lower the risk of diabetes by 58 percent and shows a great impact on blood sugar level.

You don’t need Medicine and Insulin shot.

Medicine for diabetic is not really a medicine. It just fixes the blood sugar temporarily. And gives different side effects like kidney failure and dizziness that added to the burden of a patient. Likewise, in using insulin shots, it can make sugar level at its extremely low which is dangerous and can cause immediate death.                            

Affordable Program

This program is really inexpensive. From $40 expense, you can enjoy freedom from diabetes. You can save hundreds of dollars from buying medicine that causes more side effects. However, upon checking their website, I found out that the author is offering a 10$ discount. It means that the whole program costs $30 only. But we don’t know how long the author can give a discount.

Time Frame for Testing period

Not all program offers this. Money-back guarantees after sixty days to test the program. If you are not satisfied, or not helps you, or not seeing any positive changes in your blood sugar, you can get your money back. Just send a single email for a refund.

Customer review

Some customers of Diabetes Freedom revealed the secret about this incredible product. They are happy and enjoyed the benefits. In fact, it is hard to find negative reviews from a customer. Other than reversing diabetes, people also enjoyed the benefits of weight loss, digestive health, and blood health.


  • This product is only available online. So you cannot access the program without the Internet.
  • You cannot fast track the result. It is not a magic program. You need patience and you might not get the same results as others achieved.


The Diabetes Freedom program is quite effective and strongly recommended by its users. In our opinion, we highly recommend it to all who suffer diabetes than taking conventional medicine. We are an advocate of natural food and self- discipline to cure any illness. And on that criteria, the Diabetes Freedom program pass. All you have to do is to change your approach in treating type 2 Diabetes by a simple decision that can change your life today.

>>>Visit the website to know more about Diabetes Freedom.<<<