The health benefits of wheatgrass juice: The Living chlorophyll of all times!

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“The health benefits of wheatgrass grass juice are intense!” It was one of my friend’s testimonial when we met at the hospital. After chemotherapy, we chat for a while to ask each other’s status about breast cancer. And this wheatgrass is the queen of the day.

In today’s post, I will show you what are the health benefits of wheatgrass juice. Its use, and even side effects. It will answer how you can use wheatgrass juice to fight cancer, and what is the best type of wheatgrass juice to take.

Wheatgrass juice is a superfood with amazing benefits. It comes from the Triticum aestivum plant that is known for its high chlorophyll content, vitamins, and mineral. Also called “green blood”, wheatgrass juice which is freshly extracted is considered to be a living food.

Holistic healing enthusiasts have talked about the countless health benefits of wheatgrass juice and its use to help treat a specific disease.

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 The health benefits of Wheatgrass Juice 

 wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass juice
concentrated wheatgrass powder and juice

There are plenty of reasons you should drink wheatgrass juice. Here are the lists:

 1. One of the best sources of living Chlorophyll that you can enjoy today.

We know that consuming Chlorophyll can help your body to stimulate the immune system, help eliminate fungus in the body, detoxify your blood, energizes the body, and preventing CANCER.

Other benefits of Chlorophyll:

*Chlorophyll has enzymes that help slow down the aging process.

* Antibacterial that can be used inside and outside the body.

* Renew and refine tissues because of its ability to be easily absorbed

              * Washes drug that accumulated in the body 

              *Improves blood sugar problem

              * Helps purify the liver.

              * It has antiseptic benefits that eliminate foul-smelling odors, neutralizes infection and inflammation. 

2 . Contains 17 amino acids that are known to be the building blocks of protein.

3. It is called a healer plant because it has Vitamin A, B complex, C, E and K. And all minerals known for man

4. Improves liver health by generating liver tissue, support its detoxification process caused by alcohol, and protect it from damage.

5. Wheatgrass can smelt the scars that are developed in the lungs from breathing acid gases. It can minimize the carbon monoxide effect because chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production

 6. Wheatgrass is beneficial to the brain and all body tissue because of its highly oxygenated chlorophyll.

7. Its chlorophyll has high in magnesium that helps build the enzymes which are needed to restore sex hormones.

8. Wheatgrass juice can cure acne and remove its scars. You can see the result if taking it for eight months with a proper diet at the same time.

9. Wheatgrass juice is useful as a body deodorant and acts as a detergent in the body.

10. It helps prevent tooth decay. Wheatgrass juice can pull out the poison from the gum and help eliminate tooth decay. Just leave the juice in the mouth for 5 minutes. 

11. Gargle wheatgrass juice to heal a sore throat. 

12. Improves Arthritis. Wheatgrass juice can help soothe inflamed arthritis. Damped a piece of cloth and place it on the affected area. Cover with plastic and leave for 30 min. or longer.

13. Wheatgrass can help to rid-off dandruff. Get 6 ounces of wheatgrass juice and massage into the scalp. Cover with a shower cap and leave for 15 minutes.

14. Wheatgrass juice has high magnesium content that helps to keep bowels open and prevent constipation.

15. It can eliminate toxic heavy metals from the body that can cause poisoning and serious damage in the brain.

Special Note: One-shot (1) of wheatgrass juice is equal to 350 lbs of garden vegetables.

Type of wheatgrass juice to drink

 There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of wheatgrass juice. But both have their pros and cons.

Wheatgrass juice fresh and Raw

Some people say that wheatgrass juice that is freshly harvested is safer than the powder one. The enzymes and live chlorophyll are mostly present in the fresh juice of wheatgrass. 

The cons, fresh wheatgrass juices are not readily available and consist of more water than chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass juice powder or tablet

Powdered wheatgrass juice is more powerful than freshly squeezed wheatgrass. It is more potent because the water was drained out. It has a mellow taste and far easier to store and keep handy in the pantry. 

health benefits of wheatgrass juice
wheatgrass powder is more concentrated

The cons, you have to make sure that the process of harvesting the wheatgrass juice powder is through the cold process to retain its chlorophyll and nutrients. 

*some studies about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice. Click here

If you are thinking of taking wheatgrass as your food supplements, It’s better to search deeper to understand their benefits.

Two ways to Grow Wheatgrass

After reading the full health benefits of Wheatgrass juice, maybe some of you are eager to grow their wheatgrass to enjoy the fresh juice of it. There are some notes to consider which may help you to decide if you want to grow your wheatgrass.

Tray grown or Naturally grown Wheatgrass?

Tray Grown wheatgrass

It may be convenient for us if we grow our wheatgrass. But some studies show that tray grown wheatgrass is not capable to produce sufficient chlorophyll. The seeds that grow in trays are developed in unnatural conditions, crowded and too close together resulting in spindly and pale leaves. Therefore, it only produced 25% of chlorophyll which is not the typical characteristic of wheatgrass. It was also found out that tray grown has an accumulation of bacteria and molds which is not visible. ( Reliable source here)

Cancer patients must be aware of it! Molds have mycotoxins that can cause cancer. ( click this for further info)

Naturally grown wheatgrass

Naturally grown wheatgrass

It is where studies got their samples to come up with the data for the health benefits of wheatgrass juice. True wheatgrass grows naturally. It has dark green grass with thick and juicy leaves. It is said to have the maximum nutritional value of 70% chlorophyll, packed with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is grown in a cool place with a 1-inch distance with each other. Its roots are allowed to go down afoot to deep in rich soil resulting in its thick, fleshy, and darker green leaves.

It is better to check your wheatgrass supplement where it comes, how it processes before taking it as a supplement.

As a cancer patient, what’s my take?

After some research and consultation, I found out that taking wheatgrass juice can help cancer patients to cope with the lost nutrients from chemotherapy. Though it’s not advisable to take supplements while having chemo, I gave it a try and observe my creatinine result.

Fruit shake blend with lettuce, banana, and wheatgrass powder
Blended lettuce, banana, and wheatgrass powder

I use 2 scoops of wheatgrass juice along with my green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and banana. I drink this 30 min. before the meal for 2 weeks. After that, I came to the hospital and did a lab test.

 It comes out that the creatinine is in the normal range, so it means that I can have my Herceptin shot for this month.

Though 2 weeks may not be enough to consider as a valid test, I can say that the health benefits of wheatgrass juice are truly amazing. I sleep well and my bowels are regular. As of now, these 2 signs are important to me especially the good sleep.

Do I recommend wheatgrass juice? Of course, it is a must-have by a cancer patient like me!

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