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Holistic healing, Is it the right choice for treating aggressive cancer?

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Hello everyone! I’m Dang.

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I’m a breast cancer patient fighting for my rights to live. I created to show that BIG C is not the end of the world. But a beginning of a fight and a new life. I encourage those who are at the same shoes to fight even if you feel exhausted, even your wallet was drained. That, there are reason to fight back and a reason not to give up. Cheers!

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A lump in my breast is not visible nor felt until I was bumped by my kid and felt something painful at my back and shoulder part. I’m confident that it is not that serious and it never crossed my mind that cancer was invading my body.

We don’t have a family history of cancer and I practiced clean living. As in, I’m not a smoker, nor we don’t eat canned goods or processed foods. We practice consuming more vegetables and fish. So why? That was my big question when I talked to my doctor.

The doctor advised me to have a mammogram test. But I declined. I don’t want my breast to be pressed and I’m worried that the lump may burst and worsen. What I did is just breast ultrasound.

I found out that I have 2.5×1.5×1 cm. lump, small but suspicious. The doctor advised me to go through a core needle biopsy. But I refused to do it because I’m petrified to know what is inside. Until such time that the pain in my back and shoulder was no longer tolerable, we decided to pursue the biopsy.

I wrote about my experience on this journey here at

After receiving the result, the final say, I have CANCER.

invasive cancer cells that can be killed by holistic healing
Invasive cancer cells


What is invasive carcinoma?

Invasive carcinoma means that cancer has spread out through the breast tissue. In other words, it invaded the breast.

So basically, cancer that detected is meddling in my breast a long time ago and I’m unaware of that. Now it taught me that cancer doesn’t give any hint that it is growing unless fully grown up.

 I’m thankful for the incidence that I was bumped by my kid. At least now I know, and it is never too late for medication.

But, I still can’t believe that I have cancer and was scared of Chemotherapy. I ask many doctors and their only advice is to take chemotherapy and operation. But I resisted.

Our first move is to try natural medicine. So, we decided to take Homeopathic Medicine

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

Holistic treatment in another term, Homeopathic Medicine is a practice of treatment in a natural approach. It means that the healing process to the person is from within. Focusing on body renewal. It changes the mindset and attitude of a person especially in taking foods and lifestyle.

It is also known for treating the whole body, not just the labeled sickness. Homeopathic Medicine believed that there is always a root of sickness. And that is the main target of this practice.

Since I’m an advocate of natural food, I decided to try Homeopathic Medicine. I’m curious about the behavior of cancer so I researched and read books about it. And ask the help of homeopathic doctors. But, I admit, that homeopathic medicine is more expensive than conventional medicine. 

So if you decide to choose a holistic approach, be ready for its costly treatment.

Homeopathic Medicine is not just eating raw foods and vegetables nor consuming fruits, you have to be disciplined.

holistic treatment healing from within
holistic treatment healing from within

What are my practices for homeopathic Journey?

  • Food intake discipline– I have to watch my food. So I make my food planner.

Every morning, before a meal, I need to drink 1 glass of alkaline water. I decided to change my mineral water to alkaline water because cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

It is said that acid can be found in our bloodstream that used to be the diet of cancer cells, allowing them to thrive and spread. Alkaline waters counteract the acids and increase your metabolism and boost your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.

replacing alkaline water over regular water is part of holistic process
replacing alkaline water over regular water
  • Increasing the absorption of blended fruits and vegetables

The regular consumption of fresh green leafy vegetables gives us powerful live enzymes and chlorophyll that combats the cancer cells. By adding fruits on it, gives flavor and natural sweetness. Pick fruits that have a low glycemic index to prevent cancer to grow. In other cancer cases with high stages, even sweeteners from fruits are not allowed.

After drinking 1 glass of alkaline water, I allow 1 hour before consuming my prepared blended fruits and vegetables. This includes any green leafy vegetables, 1 banana, half of the apple, or any seasoned fruit. I always include celery because it cleanses the blood. ( Note: if sour soap is available I make sure to have it every day, it is highly recommended in the process of holistic healing in terms of fruit absorption)

green leafy vegetables the most recommended at holistic healing
blended fruits and vegetables
  • Avoiding all whites

Part of my holistic approach is omitting all white food. Rice is my example. I prefer to consume red or brown rice over white rice which is rich in fiber and whole vitamins. And according to the study, it is converted into the right amount of sugar that sufficient for good cells and let the cancer cells starve. Avoiding flour-based food like bread and pasta is a big help if you want to kill the cancer cells. Wheat flour nowadays is GMO and refined, which results in a high spike of sugar once consumed. Cancer cells like it. So its best to avoid these foods.

omitting all white food is part of holistic healing practice
omitting all white food

About kinds of seafood, white flesh meat is the best choice rather than red meat fish. And poultry products rather than red meat beef and pork.

  • Exercise

The importance of exercise is vital for cancer patients practicing natural medicine. The lump in my breast can swell the lymph nodes located in your underarm. It can be a point of metastatic cancer. Through exercise, your heart will pump the blood to circulate drastically to the lymph nodes. Therefore, the white blood cells in the blood can reach and fight cancer and preventing it to grow.

Time Frame

I practiced natural medicine for two years. Hoping to kill cancer from growing and spreading in my body. I underwent CT-scan and luckily, cancer cells are contained only in my left breast.

About the review for CT –scan, I highly recommend this procedure.

Though, a bit pricey but thorough and in-depth. It can evaluate the status of your internal organs without any pain.

CT-scan for evaluating the status of your internal organs
CT-scan for evaluating the status of your internal organs

Result of Laboratory Test

After 2 years of a holistic approach in my situation, I’m excited to know what is the status of my breast cancer. I underwent an ultrasound to check if the lump is gone or shrink. As we know, natural medicine is a slow process of medication but precise.

Unfortunately, the bigger lump shrink for about 3%. And the sad part of it, my breast wall was calcified. Meaning, the cancer is moving around and multiplying.

And the most horrible one, it has developed another small lump inside. I don’t know what happened despite my eagerness to remove cancer naturally. But one thing is for sure, it is very aggressive.


Two years of homeopathic medicine practice is not a joke. There are aspects to consider if you want to pursue natural medicine.

     1. Your financial status matter. We all know that the price of fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than processed food. If you are choosing natural food then allow much more budget to continue for this journey. Stopping at the middle is not advisable because you may not get the right medication and may hinder your chance of healing.

      2. Know what kind of cancer you have. Get some tests and research about what type of cancer you are dealing with. It will point you out for the proper medication and the right approach.

cancer can be cured if detected early. Holistic healing help
cancer can be cured if detected early

      3.Time is running out. You have to act quickly as soon as possible. Keep in mind that cancer can be cured, If, only if we detected it as early as possible. If the cancer is in a metastatic stage, meaning it spread out in other parts of the body, there is no point of return. The medication is more complicated, and there’s no cure at all.

      4. Holistic healing or natural medicine is a perfect process, but this is not advisable for eliminating the existing invasive cancer.

Cancer is cancer, it cannot be removed rapidly.

The best practice is to treat it as early as possible and lots of self- discipline.

Discipline for taking your foods is the most important part. What we eat is the greatest factor in developing a disease. So be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth.

My family decided to try the scientific way of eliminating cancer. It means that I need to go to the doctor for a different approach. Like Chemotherapy or operation. But it doesn’t mean that I disregard all that I learned from holistic healing.

Still, Holistic healing is my no. 1 choice but I just add for additional allies for fighting cancer.

We want to be sure that I can win this fight, whatever it takes.

Time is running out for me.

time is running out for cancer patient
time is running out for cancer patient

I will update you soon.