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How to make extra money while fighting with cancer?

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Hello everyone! I’m Dang.

 Thank you for dropping by.  Welcome to my humble zone.

I’m a breast cancer patient fighting for my rights to live. I created to show that BIG C is not the end of the world. But a beginning of a fight and a new life. I encourage those who are at the same shoes to fight even if you feel exhausted, even your wallet was drained. That, there are reason to fight back and a reason not to give up. Cheers!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our link, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going.

Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our links, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going.

Cancer patients are most sensitive when talking about their situation. I know that feeling. Insecurities, mood swings, useless feeling, and the feeling of unworthiness is disturbing to us. If you are brave enough to fight this stage, congratulations! Some patients were ended up with sorrow, and frustrations and most of the time in depression.

The financial burden is one of the common causes of anxiety of a cancer patient. It’s because of the continuous expenses needed for the treatment. That is why I want to share how to make extra money while in a session of chemotherapy. It helps me to divert my mind in earning than thinking medical expenses.

How to make extra money while having  Chemotherapy

1. Eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water and juices, catch the sunlight, exercise. 

Yes, you heard it right. Eating nutritious food can be a way on how to make extra money.

After your session of chemo, your body may feel weak. Some may experience different side effects like nausea and vomiting. But this may take 2 or 3 days, some may be shorter and some may not experience side effects at all. But regardless you have side effects or not, it is better to eat nutritious food, and drink plenty of water or juices. Eating healthy foods will help you gain energy again. Your body will recover from losing the nutrients caused by chemo. It will help your body to retain the red blood cells, increase your white blood cells to fight infection. By doing this, you may save a lot of money than buying additional G-CSF.  Staying healthy after a session of chemotherapy may help prevent you from a blood transfusion and additional laboratory test. By doing so, on the flip side, it shows how to make extra money by not doing extra laboratory expenses and medicine.

2. Sell on Marketplace.

If you do what is on no.1, you may feel energized again after a week. You can start selling your specialty food to all your friends, on FB marketplace, or co-workers. But be sure to take it easy in doing hard work, ask for help from anyone because cancer patients are vulnerable and prone to more infection. But if you manage to handle it, you may work as a normal person can do.

how to make extra money
Ginataang Tulingan is one of my product that I sell on marketplace. My neighbors, friends and family are my no. 1 customers.
My suman sa lihiya. A must to taste if you are a fan of kakanin..Also one of my best seller product.

3. Create an Online store or e-com store.

Start your e-com journey by signing up at Shopee and Lazada, or any other online platform. It can be a start-up for a small business that can manage by a cancer patient. It is user-friendly and signing up as merchants is easy. Marketing your product is not a hard labor that you can do in your free time. You can maximize all free ads by posting on your social media accounts. Also, signing up is free and they provide training on how to sell effectively. Their shipping process is easy. They will pick up in your house, so you don’t need to go outside and catch some germs. Just a tip, don’t sell big and bulky items. Go for small, so you will not suffer in wrapping big and heavy items. If you want to try, here’s my shopee link so you can have the idea on setting up your store and how it looks like.

Nuts like Brazil nut and Apricot seed.

How to make extra money

Essential oils

how to make  extra money

Green Barley and Wheat grass Juice powder

4. Blogging. 

Writing with what you experienced is a big step for a cancer patient. No one can ever understand the pain, and suffering caused by the treatment. You can pour down every pain you have in writing. This will help you to drain it all and start a positive outlook in life. Blogging can help to divert your mind so you can focus on improving yourself. From your experience, you may help others that are looking for an answer and are skeptical about what cancer is. On the other hand, You can make extra money on blogging. You may attract some followers and eventually advertisers and then it may generate passive income. This requires a lot of patience, focus, time, and dedication. But once you established your presence, it can generate continuous income for the long term. You can view my whole blog for guidance to start with your journey in blogging

5. Affiliate Marketing

After blogging and gaining followers, you may apply for affiliate marketing. Earning from sharing your affiliate link is somewhat simple. You can be an affiliate in an online store that offers affiliation. From my experience, Lazada and Shopee offer this kind of program to strengthen the sales of their merchant. On the other hand, Click bank is one of the most trusted affiliate marketing sites if you manage to target the international market.

5. By Referral

This is somewhat super easy on how to earn extra money online. If you have a big network, you can earn a commission by referring your colleagues or friends to find jobs or leads. This is effective in a call center company that needs manpower. Or even those in real state businesses that are looking for the prospective buyer of the property. 

6. By enhancing and promoting your skills.

Like me, though I’m a cancer patient, I love to cook foods or sweet delicacies. Though I’m limited in eating those stuffs, selling them gives me extra money and gives me the feeling of satisfaction. I cooked viands and snacks and sell them to my neighbor and co-worker. My target is those that have limited time to cook for themselves.

7. Gardening

This hobby is my stress reliever and I didn’t realize that it will give me extra money by just enjoying the garden. In the time of the pandemic, everyone stays at home. They look for something to do to beat the boredom. This is the time that every person wants to have their own plants whatever kind it is. And I earned from this, by selling my plants. I bought and look for a supplier of plants at a cheap price and sell it over. I also propagate some plants and sell them after some time. It gives me the happiness of owning a different variety of plants and earning extra money while having fun. And aside from that, my garden also has vegetables grown organically, especially those green leafy vegetables. I don’t buy for my consumption. In this way, I save a little and make sure that I don’t eat chemicals or fertilizer from market-bought vegetables.

You can visit my hanging garden blog on this link

8.Trading online.

Have you ever heard of forex, stock market, cryptocurrency? Yes, though I’m a cancer patient, I also trade to earn extra income. But, It requires knowledge and skills to make it profitable. Also, if you are not well skilled in this profession, you may lose your money. I’m listing it here on our topic on how to earn extra money while you are fighting cancer because you can trade and earn extra money by using a robot or AI program. There are a lot of Ai that offer services at a minimal fee. In this way, you are out of trouble in trading. This is a stress-free system. All you need to do is to invest the extra money you have, and let the robot trade for you. You just need to monitor and check it online to see your income. Though it has a minimal fee, the earnings from here can compensate aside from your income. And one thing to remind, trade only the money that you can afford to lose.

how to make extra money
You can earn extra money by investing in AI robot if are not comfortable in trading

What’s my take?

Cancer is not a life punishment. If you are suffering from this disease, there is a better way to live than just sitting and stressing yourself in thinking about the situation or blaming yourself. There is so much to do on how to earn extra money and enjoy life. This is not the end of the world for you. We have to beat and fight cancer by all means and still live a normal life. There you have family, friends, and relatives waiting for you and love you so you need to fight. Follow my blog, and I will share with you my journey in fighting. In this way, you have someone to talk to..

Till next time!

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10 replies on “How to make extra money while fighting with cancer?”

I heard of a survivor who put together an organic/all natural only grocery store. I think that was great cause she can help those who are still going through it findhealthier options.

TBH, though, I think that if you’re sick, you must relax and not think so much about earning for the meantime. I mean, not unless you’re doing something that you love and find relaxing and unstressful.

Thanks for sharing with us your story. There are so many ways to earn extra income nowadays, especially online and in the comfort of your home.
Keep on fighting! Your blog is awesome!

I admire your spirit. Ang galing you were able to get money out of your gardening. And also able to put up shop online. I checked your shopee link. You have made yourself busy and not just sit down and think about your cancer. That’s the spirit~

The list you provided is helpful even for the ones who are not fighting for anything! Right now, I am learning to trade online. I am miserably failing at #1 tho… i need to catch more sunlight! Thank you for this gentle reminder.

We can also accept ad hoc online jobs like data entry or even consulting, para kahit sa bahay lang pwede na, and less stress pa. Keep on fighting!

I really admire people who survived cancer because they became stronger and gives value to their time, family, and life. I love these lists that you mention too. It’s really helpful especially for those who are fighting cancer.

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