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Kemilng M10 Treadmill for Personal Use, Is it worth the price?

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our link, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going.

Disclosure: Some links on this post are from our affiliate partners. If you buy from our links, we earn a little without paying more. It will help to maintain and improve our site to keep us going

The pandemic ceased our physical and outside activities like running and walking. As my daily routine, sending my child through walking is my way to exercise.

Cycles of Chemotherapy and some targeted therapy weakened my immune system as well as muscle and bones. Every day, before getting up from bed, I need to slowly stretch my hand and feet because I feel the tightness of joints and muscle pain. It is one of the side effects of chemo drugs. These would be my warming up before going to exercise. Since I cannot walk outside, I decided to buy a treadmill.

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Kemilng M10

Kemilng Treadmill 

I bought this from Shopee an online e-commerce platform. I’m aware that most Shopee sellers are Chinese, and probably, Kemilng is a Chinese product. But why I gambled my hard-earned money in buying this product, knowing that Chinese technology is not as good buy as others? Maybe because I need a treadmill that suits my needs and my budget.

Don’t get me wrong about this before I decided to purchase it online, I searched the product, the review, and of course the seller if they are legit merchants and how they handle customer claims. 

Kemilng treadmill has a different model. For these write-ups and my review, I will tackle  Kemilng M10 

Kemilng M10 Specification: insert image of specs.

  • Motor Power –  2.0 Horsepower. Just right for my light running and walking needs.
  • Running surface –  350mm x 1000mm. The width and length can suffice my medium built and not being tangled if I walk or run.
  • Maximum User Weight- 120 kg Just right for my family that weights from 50 to 62kg.
  • Speed- Adjustable speed from 1 to 12 kph. For a starter like us, we continuously run for 5 mins at the speed of 9km/h.

The Kemilng M10 was securely packed with bubble wrap. The seller knows how to take care of the product and assures that it will arrive safely. They even pick a courier that are trusted for this fragile item. Upon opening, there is an accessory bag that is needed to assemble the treadmill.

Kemilng M10

Kemilng M10 Accessory bag list

*inner hexagon spanner 5mm

*Inner hexagon spanner 6mm

*safety key

* silicone oil

*User manual

*MP3 Cable

*screw M8x 55

*screw M6x12

*plum knob

*Arc washer

*console fixed knob

All of these items are important in your treadmill assembly. So it is better to check if they are complete. If in case there is a lack of anything on the list, urgently contact the seller because all of them are needed.

After everything is set, the treadmill is ready to go. Before turning it on, we make sure that the input power voltage is 220- 240V.

There is a switch that turns a red light when you switched it on.

After switching on, the console will produce a beep sound continuously and showing the E7 ( means error) on the console monitor.

Kemilng M10
the console that shows error at the monitor

It means that you need to attach the safety key. A safety key is just a magnetic tool that has a clip. ( picture of the clip)

safety key

It will be a key to make your treadmill ready and stop beeping. While you are using the treadmill, attach the clip to you for your safety. In case you slipped, the key will be detached from the console and it will immediately stop.

The Console

the console

The console shows the necessary data. It shows your progress in using the treadmill

Kemilng M10
showing your pulse rate

It has a pulse rate. But the manual indicated that we cannot rely on the accuracy of its pulse reading. At least they are honest in telling this.

showing the speed

Speed. The speed can be set up to 12. I can’t go further than 8, so if you want to run for a higher speed, Kemilng M10 can be your buddy.


Burned Calories


Distance. Showing how far did you go.

It also has a built-in speaker to connect your MP3 or Cellphone. It has two cup holders located left and right to put your water or any drinks.

Kemilng M10
the console

Storage of Kemilng M10

One of the factors that I worry about is the storage of the treadmill. It is a big deal that the treadmill can be folded and stored in a small space. And Kemilng M10 has this feature. You can fold it and move it without any hassle because of its wheel. It also has a safety lock to prevent it from falling.

Kemilng M10
Kemilng M10

Kemilng M10 has a seven (7) days replacement. After that, No more product warranty.

On my side, I used the treadmill for 30 min. of running. I did it for 7 days.  If things go wrong I can ask for a replacement. So far, the motor is strong and no traces of over-heating. There is a burning smell on the first run but it’s just normal for a brand new motor.

What’s my take?

Though it’s cheaper than any other brand, Kemling M10 satisfied my needs in making me motivated and keep in shape. On the other hand, I need more time to prove that it is worth my money. It is a big help in strengthening my bones and muscle that weakened because of chemotherapy, and for that, I considered it a good investment.

Till next time!

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There’s a reason to fight back and a reason not to give up. Cheers

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2 replies on “Kemilng M10 Treadmill for Personal Use, Is it worth the price?”

Thank you for this review, i just want to ask are you still using the product? Im considering this as an option because of its affordability and looks more heavy duty VS typical “walking pad” on lazada and shoppe

I plan to use this for 20-30mins 3-6 times a week to help me loose weight and control my blood-sugar level.

Tatagal kaya siya?

Yes. based on my experience, ok naman sya. Still working naman until now. We are 5 in the family and we all used that every morning for a routine walk. Wala syang pahinga sa amin, so I think this is a good buy.

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